LIVE @ THE LYRIC! A Full Length Video Preview..

In Spring of 1994, I did a concert at a beautiful venue in Stuart, Florida called The Lyric Theatre. It was a silent movie house in the late 1920’s and still retains the grandeur of that era. A good friend’s sister was married to one of the people involved in The Lyric’s renovation (Dana de Windt) and he ended up bringing me down there for my first concert in May 1994. I performed there again in 2003, and, most recently, on Saturday October 19th of this year. My wife and harmony singer Polly Messer and I did a most enjoyable concert and spent three days relaxing in sunny Stuart, going on swamp walks, looking for manatees (they were back out in the ocean, we were told) and visiting with my friend Dana and his family. The concert was videotaped and is available for purchase on my website

Here is a clip from that show. I first performed “Finally Found A Friend” at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, NYC in September 1988, right before the release of my debut RCA album “Blind To Reason”. It seemed fitting to be performing it again in another historic theater which was built in the same era. One up North and one down South.

I joked with the audience that I was on a “ten year plan” with The Lyric, performing once every ten years since 1994. Hopefully it won’t be that long til the next show there!

Hope you enjoy this preview of “Live @ The Lyric”!

– Grayson Hugh

To watch “FINALLY FOUND A FRIEND (Live @ The Lyric Theatre)” click HERE.

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