TALK IT OVER video still me singing copy

In 1989, while I was on the road promoting my first album “Blind To Reason”. I got a call from the folks at RCA asking me to pick a director who I’d like to have direct the video for “Talk It Over, which was doing well on the charts. I picked an English guy named Nick Brandt, whose work seemed visually striking. So I flew over to London in the middle of one of the legs of my tour.

I arrived on the set on a cold Winter day in January of 1989. Nick had this idea all worked out and had already cast the parts – background singers, yellow cab (never knew where they found one in London!), and my love interest – an actress from Ireland. I don’t recall anyone’s name as it was such a hectic scene on the set. The thing is I had to film the performance twice, once standing in a hollowed-out large suitcases and once without the suitcases, so they could create the illusion, in the editing, that we were all packed up in suitcases. My thigh muscles were screaming as I did take after take in that suitcase!

It got to be pretty funny when the girl and I would get stuck trying to “pack ourselves back in” the suitcases, and we had to re-do a couple takes because we were laughing so hard.
But everyone did a great job – and it turned out to be a very popular video, shown alot on MTV and VH1. The video even enjoyed a three month run on the silver screen in selected movie theaters across the U.S. and overseas as well.




© 2013 by Grayson Hugh


  1. trebord says:

    One of my all-time favorite videos–imaginative, creative, and just fun! Great vocals on top of a romantic storyline in the video. Thanks for giving us this video!

  2. Paul says:

    I really enjoy the video Grayson. I am now 44 years old and I still remember watching the video in the summer of 1989.

  3. Ned Allen says:

    I was 22 when Talk it over came out and it really just kept screaming something deeper at me,and still does! It’s timeless! Grayson has a gift.
    We in Australia are going through alot of domestic violence issues currently.
    I believe this song could appease and if not repair and be a conduit in future campaigns for easing troubled minds.
    Thankyou for that classic, Grayson.

  4. Eric says:

    Fantastic song! You definitely made your mark with your talent. It was a great video as well. Did you pick or know the actors?

    1. Hi Eric, glad you like that song and video! No I didn’t know the actors: As I describe in the blog, the director had already cast all the parts when I arrived In London to shoot the video.

    1. Hey Tristan, glad to hear it! Australia is where my single “Talk It Over” (and the album it’s from “Blind To Reason”) first went Gold, so I always appreciated the support of my fans down under!

  5. A timeless classic. I play this song religiously on my sound system in my car…when someone new that hasn’t been in my car hears Grayson, they always ask…”who is this?” I go on and on (and on) about this guy and all I know about him…I never grow tired of promoting him or the album or best yet, the song. It is hard to say this is the best song on the CD…because that isn’t fair to over half of them, (not taking much away from the other half.) but Talk It Over is simply an awesome cut. The video was on of the best of that time…hard to compete with Michael Jackson’s, but for what it was and it’s smaller genre, it was out “friggen” standing!
    Thank you Grayson…for that, and for going strong 27 years later with the new CD!
    You absolutely rock!
    Best to you and Polly!

  6. Lee & Marta says:

    Grayson – always loved this song and video. Heard it on XM today during a long drive back from taking the kid to college. Showed the wife the video and we both agree, the two backup singer gals look so familiar. Thanks for the tunes over the years!

    Lee & Marta

    1. Glad you love it, Cathy! I only briefly met the actors & actresses cast to do the backup singers in London in 89. It was a very hectic day and we didn’t have much time to chat together. Everyone did a great job and all I knew was that the two guys were also actor/singers and the two girls were actor/singers and the brunette was Belgian and also a dancer.
      All the best-

  7. James says:

    I’m was a little rugrat when this song came out, but I absolutely love the song (playing it quite a bit on my iPhone playlist) and really, the back-in-time of the late 1980’s/1990’s where people seem more connected and lived a more “get into the world” experience that you can feel throughout the video and song.

    Also, I wish I knew the name of the actress of your love interest in the video. She’s absolutely stunning.

    1. Hello James,
      Glad you like the video and song!
      Yes that actress was very attractive and lovely to work with. Unfortunately I have long forgotten her name; all I was told by the director is that she was Irish and an aspiring actress.
      Cheers mate!

  8. KI Ingram says:

    Hello Grayson this is one of my all time favorite songs. So inspired I wrote a script almost eight (8) years ago based on the title, entitled “MissCommunication” and now I’m developing a show based on the script. Would luv to have your input and involvement in the form of performing the song for the show. Your thoughts and/or comments. Ciao KI!

  9. Daryl says:

    Thanks for that song, Grayson. Wonderful emotion in both the lyrics and singing. If I could sing (and I can’t!) that would be the song I would want to perform.

      1. Daryl says:

        Just one more comment. Was listening to this song today and one of my favourite lines is the pleading “Can’t we just forgive and forget?” Always gives me goosebumps and makes me feel a bit emotional. I guess we’ve all been there at some point or another!

  10. Heard this favourite song the other in the car on a long,tiring interstate drive & I just wanted to stop the car,get out & dance !!! I absolutely love it & love the video too,well done Grayson 😉

  11. Matt Fish says:

    I can’t tell how much I love this song! It immediately takes me back to my childhood as I was only 13 in 1989. I love everything about it, esp how you all sang it together. I’ve always said, a lot of people made love to that song! Oh, and the video is really cool as The girl with the shirt hard is so beautiful. Once again, awesome work on the whole thing. Thank you!

  12. Matt Fish says:

    Hi Grayson,
    Words can’t express how much I love this song! Although I was only 13 in 1989, the song brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. Even back then I used to say that the way you all sang together is incredible! And I am also convinced that many people must have made love to this song. Lots of kids were born thanks to you! Oh, and the video is fantastic as well… LOL. So thank you for this wonderful song and video. It really is incredible, and you should be proud.

  13. Chip Scanlan says:

    Blind to Reason is my go-to album for my morning workout. Hard to stop when your wonderful ballads keep playing. The entire album has been a favorite of mine has been for years. I believe it was the incredibly innovative and fun video of “Talk It Over” that turned me on to your talents. They speak to my heart, to a special relationship, its ups and downs, hopes, fears, wishes and dreams. You have a magical gift, are an amazing, multi-talented musician and that voice! Pierces the soul. Do you tour these days? Any chances of reaching the Tampa Bay, Florida area soon? That would be fantastic. Thanks for creating this blog, even better maintaining it when so many artists’ blog are abandoned. Thank you for providing endless entertainment and windows into love and the human spirit. Grayson, you are the best!

    1. Hi Chip,
      I’m glad my music inspires you not only musically but fitness-wise as well!
      Yes always touring, but I am more picky these days.
      Nothing in Florida at the moment. Los Angeles & St. Louis – sign up for the free email list on my website to get tour dates, music, video releases etc!
      Thanks for your comment.
      All the best,

    2. Hey Chip! So glad “Blind To Reason” inspires you! Yes I tour and please check out all my other more recent albums. I hope they inspire you as much as “Blind To Reason”. I thank you for your support, and thanks for the very nice comment!

  14. Terry and Anna Todd says:

    Hello Grayson, What a wonderful thing for you to do with creating a special blog for this song as I did a little research to find a venue where I could express my feelings of joy watching this video and here we go !
    And I am so impressed with the way you rearranged this piece of music and turned it into such a hit! And for people to still be talking about this video after all these years is really something !
    God bless you and your lovely and talented wife, Miss Polly ,
    Terry & Anna

  15. Terry and Anna Todd says:

    Thanks for your great response, Grayson ! My husband, Terry has been a radio disc jockey for many years and was just curious if it was difficult for you to make an interracial video back in 1989?

    1. Not at all, Anna. I never even thought about it. I grew up “interracial” and had childhood friends of different skin colours, so I never thought along racial lines. Only when I got older did I reflect on our different cultures. I guess I always considered myself lucky to live in such a colourful, interesting world. And I never heard anything but positive feedback about “Talk It Over”. Thanks!

  16. chantelle walker says:

    excuse me grayson hugh not that u r not awesome cause u r im only 30 and I love your music however who r the two gentlemen in the suitcase video they remind me of the temptations did they go on to do anything else?

    1. Hello Chantelle, Glad you like my song and the video! Yes, one of the actors, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (the guy with the great smile) went on to star as , Mr. Eko in the tv series “Lost”. You can look him up on Wikipedia. He’s done a lot of roles since then. I don’t know anything unfortunately about the other gentleman, except that he was also excellent run the role as “suitcase singer”! I only met everyone very briefly, as we were so busy on the set, but he – and all the actors and actresses – were a pleasure to work with. I hope that information is of interest to you!

  17. Hi Grayson, I’ve been playing “Talk It Over” since its release in 1989. I DJ’d in lots of clubs in and around Sydney for 25 years, and this track was a favourite. When describing the video to friends, I’d call it ‘The suitcase song’ and most people then remembered. It’s still a classic which evokes fond memories for our listeners every time we play it on our radio program “Soulscope” on Sydney’s Northside Radio (broadcast every Sunday 2-4pm). Also loving your newer work, particularly “Back to Soul”. Keep up the great work. Georgi & Peter (Sydney Aust.)

    1. Thanks for your support, Georgi & Peter! I’m glad people in Sydney are still jamming to “Talk It Over”. And I’m glad you like “Back To The Soul”. Stay tuned for a new record – in the works now! Cheers!

  18. David Hartman says:

    Grayson, I just rediscovered the video to this song. I was serving in the United States Marines when this came out, loved it then and now. Music today just isn’t the same. I know you said you didn’t know the others but were the two men backup singers in your band, what about the girls ?

    1. Semper fi David Hartman! And thanks for your service. I’m glad you like this song. I only very briefly met those girls and all I knew was that the brunette one was a dancer from Belgium, very attractive indeed!

  19. Scott says:

    I remember I had “Blind to Reason” on cassette (yes cassette) and played this song over and over. Once I, finally, let the cassette play through and onto the other side, I was able to hear the other great songs that were on this Album. “Bring it All Back” and “That’s Cool” were two that stand out. Needless to say my cassette wore out and I got the CD and did a burner cassette for my car, it was 1989 after all. But man the memories this song brings back and the rich sound of your voice against those smooth groves, still sound so amazing, 30 years later! I am so glad to have found this and I hope you continue to make your music. I’ve subscribed to your website and look forward to hearing more from you.

    1. So glad this album inspired you, Scott! I thank you for your support then and now. I hope my music continues to create great memories for you, that’s what its all about. All the best to you!

  20. kirk dye says:

    hey Grayson , I am same age as you and am rediscovering the video , I was in a interracial relationship with mixed kids when this video came out , and still am (w/o the kids ) lol , I Kinda look at people funny when they ask if a interracial relationship was hard back then , then they will ask how this video went over back then , I just shake my head again , man what has tv or whatever gave these so called millennials the info , BTW song and you —-so underrated

    1. Glad you like the song, Kirk. I agree with you about the whole skin color thing. I’ve always been color-blind. Like the late grear Charles Mingus said “I want to live in a non-racial world!”
      And by the way, I never felt under-rated. I thank you for your support! 😎

  21. Michael DiMaria says:

    Hello Grayson. I still remember seeing the video for the first time….and I was blown away! Back when MTV actually played videos…LOL. I’ve had this awesome song in my iTunes catalog for years, and I can listen to it over and over. The year you released this song was my senior year in college at West Virginia University. Thanks for the memories.

  22. Adam says:

    Hello Grayson. Greetings from Australia. I have sent a message through website. Here in Oz their are regular tours of artists of the 1980’s. Heard Talk It Over again on Radio. Interested in Interviews for OZ. Adam

  23. David Helton says:

    Already in my mid 30’s in 1989 I remember hearing Talk It Over for the first time riding through the mountains of Virginia on our car radio. It always comes back to mind and I remember with a smile back to that first time hearing it. 30 years, same wife, two kids and know 63 I’ve enjoyed listening to your mellow sound. Just a thank you Grayson Hugh. Good stuff!

  24. Steve Andersen says:

    Greyson, I loved this song /video ever since it came out. Every couple of years, this song comes to my mind and I have to hear it and see the video. It reminds me of some great times. Everybody is so perfect in this. The women were absolutely beautiful! Thanks!!!

      1. Steve Andersen says:

        If your tour ever stops in Tampa Bay, let me know. My wife and I would like to see it.

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