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25 years ago (it seems like maybe 10) I was out on the road doing meet and greet solo performances at about twenty recording studios across the country to promote my debut album “Blind To Reason” which was going to be released in September. I’d hide out in a back room while they played the first half of the record, then the RCA person would introduce me and I’d play the second half live. It was alot of fun, and it definitely helped get my record on the radio.

In July of ’88, I also filmed the video for “Tears Of Love”, which was scheduled to be the first single from “Blind To Reason”. The location of the shoot was Big Sur, California. The day before the video shoot I did the last meet-and-greet performance in Minneapolis. It was a beautiful hot Summer day, so after the show I went down to the lake near the hotel and lay under the sun. Diligently putting sunblock on, I woke up an hour later on the beach with perfectly delineated white circles around my eyes where I naturally avoided putting sunblock. I looked like a large raccoon! Fortunately, the make up girl on the video shoot did her magic and I managed to look more or less like a human.

The whole experience of doing that first video was very exciting – and I got to do it where I love best – outdoors in the beautiful rugged natural surroundings of Big Sur. They even trucked an upright piano up the tall hill at the Point Sur Lighthouse, getting permission from the Coast Guard. The roaring wind up there nearly blew both the piano and me off into the ocean.

Anyway, it was the first in many videos I’ve made so far. I’m posting the link to it here – and will continue to post videos on this blog along with the stories about them.

I hope you enjoy the video!

To watch it click HERE.

© 2013 by Grayson Hugh

3 thoughts on “25 YEARS AGO (IT SEEMS LIKE MAYBE 10)

  1. T.K. TONEY BEAN says:

    This is so good, hay old buddy , got any copies of this video, I know someone who wood love to buy one to go with the others. Tell Polly we said hello.

  2. Jules says:

    Sir Grayson Hugh: Just a heartfelt “Appreciation & Thank You” for years of extrodinary song writing, instrumental and vocal talent”! Been listening since the beginning. Always happiness!

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